Come to In The Mix Hack Weekend (7-9th June) at MadLab!

3 Jun

Are you In The Mix?
Are you a sound hacker, audio producer, or developer who’s keen to play with Manchester’s richest auditory dataset? Will your hack win one of our exclusive prizes?

Manchester has some fantastic museums and galleries; from Manchester Museum to the Whitworth Gallery – but also including the iconic Jodrell Bank and John Rylands Library. The collections are not just about storing historical artefacts; did you know Delia Derbyshire’s archive is part of the University of Manchester’s collection?

What is In The Mix Hack Weekend?
In The Mix is a project exploring the auditory layers of Manchester’s galleries – from the content of the collections to the auditory experiences around them, and the intrinsic sounds of items and the spaces themselves. What can we do with these materials when we tie them together with modern technologies and platforms? Can we use this rich mix of materials to create new soundscapes, new ways of experiencing the museums, new ways of visiting and understanding culture through sound?

What are we using?
Come along to the In The Mix weekend. We’ll be hacking on a number of tools

RjDj and the RJC1000
Processing and PD
AudioLibJS and Web Audio APIs
EchoNest API
Though, of course, you’re welcome to bring your own.

On Friday night from 7pm we’ll be hosting a social, introducing participants to each other through the medium of liquids and finding partners who may want to work with each other, as well as looking at what the museum has to offer and some interesting work in this space.

We’ll be running tutorial sessions and workshops with some of these toolkits on Saturday morning from 10, and we’ll have mini unconference happening throughout the rest of the day if you’re looking to pick up skills and ideas from other people. On Sunday is a chance to finish off your hacks to submit for the awards, which will be awarded by popular vote on Sunday afternoon.

If you are interested, sign up here for your free ticket.


One Response to “Come to In The Mix Hack Weekend (7-9th June) at MadLab!”

  1. Andy Mabbett June 3, 2013 at 5:10 pm #

    I can’t make that, but it would be great if the participants would consider the need for more illustrative sound files on Wikipedia as part of their activity. I’ve written about that, and one project in particular, in Requesting open-licensed, open-format recordings of the voices of Wikipedia subjects for Wikimedia Commons.

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