9 Oct

For the Bunford & Kashiwagi…in the mix, I will be re-appropriating my records with all sorts of materials from each venue’s conservation departments, including leather shavings, gold leaf, net, rubber shavings, Japanese tissue papers and non-slip rubber!!! At each performance you will be able to see these materials, find out how and why they are used in conservation practices, see how they have been used to re-appropriate records and also listen to how they change and distort the sounds, when applied to 78rpm shellac records!!

So, I have been starting to experiment and have some discovered some remarkable sounds, including the sound of playing a record and using Funori seaweed as a stylus!

Funori is 100% seaweed and is used primarily for repairs of old works on paper or textiles. By adding Funori to boiling water and stirring well produces a sticky substance and because the adhesive is weak, it will not damage original pieces. Listen to the algaerhythms!


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