Thank you Umbro for supporting In the Mix!

3 Oct

Bunford & Kashiwagi…in the mix will be happening next weekend as part of Manchester Weekender! This wouldn’t have been possible without the Umbro Creative Industries Grant, that the project won back in 2010. In May 2012, In the Mix was awarded funding from the University of Manchester’s £1.2 million scheme, ‘Investing in Success: Developing Staff Potential‘ to continue to develop this project further: new commissions, remixes of sound loops by musicians, djs and sound artsist and a web platform where anyone can make their own soundscapes out of found sounds from the University of Manchester’s cultural wonders: Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester Museum, John Rylands Library Deansgate, Jodrell Bank ,  Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama and Delia Derbyshire (whose archive is part of University of Manchester’s archive) ! Thank you Umbro for supporting the project from the very beginning, when it was just an idea. Thanks to your initial funding the project will become more ambitious and connect with more people than initially thought! : )


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