A super furry animal walks into a gelateria…!

19 Aug

Punchlines welcome!!

Last Tuesday, after a day of recording found sounds at Whitworth Art Gallery for ‘In the mix‘, Huw and I ventured off into town to have tea at Tokyo Season. On our way we walked past a new Gelateria that was having a private opening before opening to the public the next day. We continued our journey to Tokyo Season and had an amazing feast of Japanese food. When it came to dessert time, all we wanted was ice cream!! We talked A LOT about ice cream and gelato- recalling our favourite flavours and ice cream & gelato places around the world.

We decided to walk back to the new Gelateria to see if we could pop in and as a back up plan, we knew we could go to the Froyo place on Whitworth Street to satisfy our frozen dessert cravings!! When we approached Fresco Freddo’s Gelateria, some of the staff recognised us and invited us in. WOW : ) We couldn’t believe the flavours that they had. Pistachio ice cream is one of my favourites, and one I associate with wintertime in Venice, when I studied there for 3 months! This one was particularly pistachio-y- the best one I have had to date! I LOVE passionfruit and to my utter delight, they had passionfruit ice cream- a blissful taste sensation. Huw had the dark chocolate sorbet and FF Gelateria special that had peanut butter and Nutella in it! Yum! : )

When they told us that their opening hours will be 8am – 10pm, I said that I would pop in on their opening morning and have an affogato before heading to work. Perché No!?! I did and it was delightful, especially having it in the morning! Their homemade cakes are also delicious- I had a slice of blueberry and coconut cake : ) Looking forward to sampling their other flavours from morning ’til night (but not always on the same day ; ) )


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