Exciting news: University of Manchester invests in ‘In the mix’!

13 Jun

I’m excited to announce that I have been awarded funding from University of Manchester‘s  £1.2 million scheme, ‘Investing in Success: Developing Staff Potential’ for ‘In the mix’!

Here’s my proposal below and all of this will be taking place before May 2013, with my next exciting announcement coming towards the end of June!:

‘In the mix’ proposal

‘In the Mix’ is a series of music/sound/art commissions, events and an interactive website that will animate the University of Manchester’s cultural resources: Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester Museum, John Rylands Library, Jodrell Bank and Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama. The commissioned soundscapes and bank of recorded found sounds are inspired and influenced by electronic music producer, Delia Derbyshire, whose archive has been recently acquired by the University of Manchester. Commissioned soundscapes have been produced for Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester Museum and John Rylands Library by Huw Bunford (Super Furry Animals) and the funding from ‘Investing in Success’ will be used to commission further soundscapes for Jodrell Bank and Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama, performances & events and an interactive website. In this way, all of the University’s cultural resources can be innovatively linked through music/sound/art, and thus the possibilities for highlighting these inherent links can be developed through the ‘Investing in Success’ funding. This project aims to contribute to student engagement and the student experience at University of Manchester for current and prospective students.

Working as Host Producer for PRSF (Performing Rights Society Foundation) for Music New Music Plus 2010 at Whitworth Art Gallery and as Student Engagement Coordinator has given me the insight into the dynamic role that music and sound can play in cultural organisations, in terms of public programming, diversifying audiences and also as alternative modes of interpretation. ‘In the Mix’ would be an opportunity to bring my role as Student Engagement Coordinator, artist & producer to an ambitious project that wouldn’t be possible without either role . As an artist, this is an exciting collaborative and interdisciplinary project. The ‘In the Mix’ Interactive website will be a platform where people can play, mix, loop and make a sequence of the commissioned sound recordings from all of the University’s cultural assets. This project aims to enhance the student experience at University of Manchester, through innovative, playful and interactive modes of engagement.

This project is a legacy of recent previous projects (at Whitworth Art Gallery (New Music Plus), Manchester Museum (Umbro Creative Industries) and John Ryland’s Library (Umbro Creative Industries). ‘In the Mix’ will build upon the success of current commissions to produce a cohesive pioneering project that acts as both a platform for showing how cultural organisations can innovatively animate collections, archives, resources and cultural wonders through music and also as a platform that highlights the extraordinary resources that University of Manchester has.


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