‘Whitworth In The Mix’ under Creative Tourist’s Events Radar!

11 Nov

‘Whitworth… In The Mix. A shout out goes to the hardest-working performance artist in Manchester: a certain Naomi Kashiwagi, she who DJs with gramophones and is Jarvis Cocker’s new bezzie mate. Kashiwagi has also got a rather special late-night event up her sleeve this week. On Saturday, she hosts Whitworth… In The Mix. ‘For one night only,’ says Kashiwagi, ‘the Whitworth Art Gallery will be mixed, scratched and looped by DJs Krysko & G-KUT.’ What this means is that the duo will DJ and VJ with ‘art, music, time, space and architecture’, creating a visual and aural landscape that animates both the inside and the outside of this venerable gallery. And if that’s not enough, the event acts as a warm-up for the Warehouse Project’s Annie Mac session – expect guest DJs to drop by. Oh yes, and it’s free. Small wonder, then, that Kashiwagi’s last In The Mix at the Whitworth was rammed. The Whitworth Art Gallery, Saturday 13 November. Free.’


Kate Feld from Creative Tourist interviewed me recently- find out here why I started to DJ with gramophones: http://www.creativetourist.com/features/ones-to-watch-naomi-kashiwagi


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