Krysko & Kashiwagi…Umbro Industries Finalists

21 Aug

We have  submitted our idea for Umbro Industries Creative Grants and have reached the final (Have a look our submission below)! We are pitching our idea on Monday afternoon!

Krysko & Kashiwagi: Whitworth In The Mix – a music, art and architecture mashup

How do you DJ with music, art and architecture? Manchester’s DJ Krysko and artist and gramophone DJ Naomi Kashiwagi are turning the tables and DJing with the Whitworth Art Gallery. Huw Bunford (Super Furry Animals), G-KUT, Trio Atem, Michael Mayhew, Matt Wand, Hide & Seek and Manchester Weekender are all in the Krysko & Kashiwagi mix.

The bursary would be used to bring more people into the mix: to create a platform for DJs, music producers and young people to work with galleries to animate exhibitions through music and to produce an album ‘Whitworth (Krysko & Kashiwagi remix)’ featuring all of the commissioned music.

A DJ in a gallery- Whitworth (Krysko remix)? Krysko is programming new music events and DJing with the Whitworth as part of New Music Plus, a PRS for Music Foundation project, with the Whitworth’s Producer, Naomi Kashiwagi. Check out what’s happening soon:

‘Krysko & Kashiwagi… In The Mix’ (2nd October, 5-9pm, Free) A one-off gig, that’s part performance art and part club night for Manchester Weekender. Krysko & Kashiwagi will perform a new set using both wind-up gramophones and the latest digital DJ technology. Huw Bunford (Super Furry Animals) will be performing a commissioned sound piece made up of unexpected everyday sounds from the Whitworth. ‘Journey into The Outside with Jarvis Cocker’, a documentary about Outsider Art by Jarvis Cocker will be screened and introduced by a special guest!

‘Whitworth In The Mix’ (13th November, 7-10pm, Free) ‘Whitworth In The Mix’ will see DJ Krysko and G-Kut DJing and VJing with the history of the Whitworth and its future as a 21st century gallery in a park. Can a gallery be cross-faded, looped and scratched?

Krysko – Isn’t he a warehouse DJ? Matthew Krysko is Resident DJ at The Warehouse Project in Manchester, which has over the last 6 years become the UK’s most popular and highly respected music event for both world class DJs and Electronic live acts, drawing crowds of over 70,000 from September to December every year.

Djing with gramophones- is this a wind up? Naomi Kashiwagi is an artist who looks for quirky uses of old technologies and DJs with wind-up gramophones. She has DJed in galleries, a library, a Victorian Swimming Baths, a Swiss Bath House and Creamfields.

Krysko & Kashiwagi: only scratching the surface, so what’s next? Krysko & Kashiwagi are pioneering a new way for music, art and galleries to be mixed and synthesised. They now want to bring more people into the mix. They want to give DJs, music producers, young people and students the chance to have professional development opportunities into how gallery exhibitions and collections can be animated through ambitious musical programming, led by Krysko at the Whitworth. Whose remixes will you experience next?

Krysko & Kashiwagi would also like to release an album ‘Whitworth (Krysko & Kashiwagi remix)’ that features all of the music commissions. So make some noise for an exciting mix of new music, events and opportunities that have the Whitworth groove!


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