Cultural Wonders In The Mix

Cultural Wonders In The Mix is an ambitious interdisciplinary project that illuminates and animates the University of Manchester’s library John Rylands Library, cultural institutions (Whitworth Art GalleryManchester Museum, , Jodrell Bank) and Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama. It highlights their inherent links as well as their distinctiveness, through new commissioned soundscapes, music and art. The commissioned soundscapes, bank of recorded found sounds, remixes and ringtones are inspired and influenced by electronic music producer, Delia Derbyshire, whose archive was acquired by the University of Manchester in 2007. Naomi Kashiwagi is the Creative Producer of Cultural Wonders In The Mix and works as Student Engagement Coordinator at Whitworth Art Gallery and Manchester Museum and as an artist.

Cultural Wonders In The Mix aims to contribute to student engagement and the student experience at University of Manchester for current and prospective students by illuminating the University of Manchester’s library, cultural institutions and Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama as resources and social hubs for students whilst they study here.

Listen to all of the new commissioned soundscapes, remixes and ringtones below:

Click on the virtual turntables to listen and mix the soundscapes, remixes and ringtones (search for ‘cultural wonders in the mix’):

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 18.15.52

This project has received funding from University of Manchester‘s £1.2 million fund, ‘Investing in Success: Developing Staff Potential’ and  Umbro Creative Industries and is a legacy of the new music project,  Whitworth in the Mix, a PRSF for Music New Music Plus 2010 production.

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