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Cultural Wonders In The Mix: Soundscapes, Music and Films

17 Oct

I’m excited to announce that all of the soundscapes, remixes and films have now been uploaded, so have a listen and look at the University of Manchester’s cultural wonders in new ways.



In The Mix Hack Weekend Photos

17 Jun

The In The Mix Hack Weekend brought together computer programmers, composers and museum staff together to explore the potential of the soundscapes, remix and Manchester Museum data sets to animate collections and exhibitions and visitor experiences  in museums and galleries. This ranged from creating laser cut rumble strips of sound waves (from soundscapes) to site-specific sound installations around museums that would give insight into what sounds might be behind the scenes and beyond the physical public space of the gallery or museum. There are more photos in the In The Mix Hack Day Flickr SetHck Day 2

Rescheduled: In the Mix Hack Weekend at MadLab

16 May

Just to let you know that the In The Mix Hack Weekend has been rescheduled for the beginning of June- more info coming soon.

In the Mix featured in UniLife

26 Mar

In the Mix was featured in this month’s UniLife (The University of Manchester’s monthly magazine) as part of a series of features profiling ‘Investing In Success’ projects. Investing in Success is £1 million initiative to boost staff development at University of Manchester. Read the feature here:

In the Mix

In The Mix Soundscapes on Soundcloud!

3 Mar

Listen to the soundscapes that Huw has created for Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester Museum and John Rylands Library on Soundcloud!

Photos from Bunford & Kashiwagi in the mix!

12 Dec

Here are some fantastic photos taken by photographer, Richard Manning:

Bunford & Kashiwagi on film!

16 Nov

Here are some videos taken during ‘Bunford & Kashiwagi in the mix’. Enjoy!


9 Oct

For the Bunford & Kashiwagi…in the mix, I will be re-appropriating my records with all sorts of materials from each venue’s conservation departments, including leather shavings, gold leaf, net, rubber shavings, Japanese tissue papers and non-slip rubber!!! At each performance you will be able to see these materials, find out how and why they are used in conservation practices, see how they have been used to re-appropriate records and also listen to how they change and distort the sounds, when applied to 78rpm shellac records!!

So, I have been starting to experiment and have some discovered some remarkable sounds, including the sound of playing a record and using Funori seaweed as a stylus!

Funori is 100% seaweed and is used primarily for repairs of old works on paper or textiles. By adding Funori to boiling water and stirring well produces a sticky substance and because the adhesive is weak, it will not damage original pieces. Listen to the algaerhythms!

Thank you Umbro for supporting In the Mix!

3 Oct

Bunford & Kashiwagi…in the mix will be happening next weekend as part of Manchester Weekender! This wouldn’t have been possible without the Umbro Creative Industries Grant, that the project won back in 2010. In May 2012, In the Mix was awarded funding from the University of Manchester’s £1.2 million scheme, ‘Investing in Success: Developing Staff Potential‘ to continue to develop this project further: new commissions, remixes of sound loops by musicians, djs and sound artsist and a web platform where anyone can make their own soundscapes out of found sounds from the University of Manchester’s cultural wonders: Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester Museum, John Rylands Library Deansgate, Jodrell Bank ,  Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama and Delia Derbyshire (whose archive is part of University of Manchester’s archive) ! Thank you Umbro for supporting the project from the very beginning, when it was just an idea. Thanks to your initial funding the project will become more ambitious and connect with more people than initially thought! : )

Manchester Weekender 2012!

17 Sep

Really looking forward to Manchester Weekender 2012! A weekend of art, music and culture across Manchester!

Manchester Weekender 2012

‘This autumn, the Manchester Weekender returns to the city for its third year, a weekend-long snapshot of the best of the cityʼs art and culture. From performance art to pop-up cinema, from music premieres to intimate gigs, from superstar authors to Britainʼs best bloggers, from art exhibitions to secret theatre, The Manchester Weekender features dozens of events and hundreds of artists – in some of the cityʼs most iconic and historic spaces.’

For the listings for all of the events, click here !


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